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The Gallery Quartet was founded over 40 years ago by Paul Chalfant and Jere Stern, and has been the quartet-in-residence at the Washington County (MD) Museum of Fine Arts since that time.

"The Gallery Quartet concert [at the Residence at Vantage Point] was stunning. . . . The music was fresh and spontaneous.  Their playing is completely sincere, and always serves the music -- no posturing, no gimmicks.  It's what you hope for in a performance, but rarely hear. . . . They were fabulous, one of the best quartets we've ever presented.  Ensemble, sound, style -- they've got it all, plus that hard-to-define quality I call 'joy in making music.' The audience responded enthusiastically and I have already had many requests to bring them back as soon as possible.  Thanks for bringing the Gallery Quartet to perform for our community. . .  ."


  --Holly Thomas, former President and Artistic Director of the Candlelight Concert Society

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